Meet the new sewer connection team

Below Ground Solutions engineers have spent years growing and developing our new sewer connection team, allowing us to offer an unparalleled service. From our highly experienced lead engineers, to our competent office team. We have invested time and training to ensure that our staff can perform at the highest standard.

To talk to a member of the New Sewer Connection team, call us today on 0870 863 0123

Meet the new sewer connection team below:

Name: Dan Hudson

Position: Managing Director & Lead Engineer

Experience: 17 years working in the industry

Qualifications: Confined Space Training, WRAS Accreditied-GW4402, Street Works Accredited-SWQR 23179075.

About Dan: Dan is the director of Below Ground Solutions and likes to keep have a hands on approach when it comes to work.  He has over 15 years experience of working in the water and drainage industry including working for ANSA Utilities and Combined Services. He is the first point of contact for our customers and is happy to discuss and explain anything you need.

Dan Hudson (1)

Name: Lee Woods

Position: Lead Engineer/ Street Works Coordinator 

Experience: 15 years in the industry

Qualifications: Street Works Accredited

About Lee: Lee joined Below Ground Solutions when we first started, quickly becoming a key team member within our new sewer connection department. Now he is actively expanding his role within the business to head his own street works team. As our Street Works coordinator, he is an expert at applying for road opening licences (Section 50 applications) and consent to discharge into the public sewer (Section 106 application). Because of Lee’s strong working relationships with local councils across England and Wales, we can quickly obtain licences and get works scheduled.

Lee Woods

Name: Lewis Harding

Position: Engineer

Experience: 9 years in the industry

Qualifications: Confined Space Training, Street Works Accredited

About Lewis: Like most of our engineers Lewis has been with us from day one, allowing us to educate and train him to our exacting standards. Lewis has recently become Street Works Accredited allowing him to work on public roads and footways. Lewis is based out of our Somerset yard, working across the South West of England and Wales.

Lewis Harding

Name: Luke Steele

Position: Engineer

Experience: 10 years in the industry

Qualifications: Street Works Accredited

About Luke: Luke has been working along side Dan Hudson for many years, having previously spent many years working for ANSA Utilities. Luke is based in our Wokingham yard allowing him to operate across the South East including London. Luke has progressed through the company taking on many new projects. Luke is fully licenced to carry out works on the public roadways.

Luke Steele

All areas of the new sewer connection team work closely to ensure that all projects are carried out in a professional and timely manner, to ensure that all of our customers receive a top-quality service. To speak to our new sewer connection give us a ring on 0870 863 0123.


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