Below Ground Solutions become supply partner for Shal Housing

POSTED: July 04, 2018

BelowShal Logo Ground Solutions are proud to announce that we have started working with Shal housing to offer a top-quality water and drainage repair partnership across Sedgemoor and wider areas. Shal housing operate with a single purpose – to ensure that everyone in the are can live in a quality home that they can afford.

We have recently started carrying out works for Shal housing. With our dedicated water and drainage teams based in Somerset we have been quickly able to get to site and carryout repairs. At Below Ground Solutions we ensure to keep both the tenant and Shal as updated on the ongoing repairs as possible with live reporting from site it means that everyone can keep in touch with the ongoing works.

Chances are if there is a leak at your property you will know about it. However there are several indicators that you may have a water leak:

  • A water bill which seams high, is a sign you may have a water leak.
  • If your water meter (normal located in the footpath) is spinning whilst no internal fittings (taps, washing machine, shower etc) are in use this could mean you have a water leak at the property.
  • Often there are visual indicators of a leak such as water coming up from the ground.
  • Sometimes it is possible to hear a water leak depending on your surroundings and the severity of the leak.


Once you notice a water leak it is important to act fast, a long-term leak will result in higher water bills and may cause lasting damage to your home/property.