Surface Water Management

At Below Ground Solutions we have been working in the drainage industry for many years, installing bespoke field drainage systems. One of the most important aspects of an off-mains drainage system is the drainage field; if it’s a modern system or formally referred to as a soakaway. The drainage soakaway works by collecting the surface water and filtering the wastewater into the ground. It is vital to make sure that the design of the soakaway is correct for the property and its usage, an insufficient one will quickly fail and cause you a drainage headache.

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Fortunately for you, you have come to the drainage experts. Here at Below Ground Solutions we have been installing, maintaining and repairing field drainage systems for many years. On every job that we carry out, we utilise our years of experience and expertise into your bespoke system.

The soakaway is a very important part of an off-mains drainage system. Once the waste from the property has been treated/separated by the treatment plant/soakaway then the wastewater will be discharged to the soakaway which will allow it to filter into the ground. Field drainage systems come in all different sizes and styles and it is important that it is fit for purpose. This is why at Below Ground Solutions we always recommend carrying out a percolation test so we can use these results to correctly size the drainage field for your property. If you would like to learn more about all the different components that can make up an off-mains drainage system, then you can take a look here to learn more.

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