Point Repair

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In most cases,  water mains will run between two stop taps, your internal stop tap and the external stop tap. The water main to your property provides the recipient with fresh water supplied by your local water authority.


It is important to make sure that the water main that connects your property to the local authority owned water main in the road remains serviceable to continually provide fresh clean water.

One of the biggest problems that will arise with water mains is a leak developing on the supply between the internal and external stop taps. When a water main has a leak the property will most likely start receiving high water bills and you may be able to see the leak by water pooling on your property. Most water mains run from the external stop tap in the footway outside your property under your front garden/drive and under your house, before rising up and connecting to the internal tap in the kitchen or bathroom. 

When you have a leaking water main at your property it is important to get leak detection experts on-site as quickly as possible to ensure the least amount of damage is done. If the leak only affects one section of pipe the recommended repair method is to carry out a point repair. A point repair is one of the most common repairs carried out on water mains. It is done by removing the damaged section of the water main and replacing it with a new strip of modern pipework, and generally on a single leak a point repair will be sufficient in stopping the leak. 

Why not call in the water line point repair experts, to help solve the issue?

In this photo, you can see a leaking black water alkathene pipe. Leaks can develop for many reasons the most common reasons are water freezing in the pipes and expanding, or wear and tear.


To fix the leak the water is first turned off, then the leaking section of pipe is cut out and replaced with a new section of pipe. You can see in this picture that the new section of pipe has stopped the pipe from leaking.


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