Below Ground Soultions investigate collapsed treatment plant| Treatment Plant Experts

POSTED: March 21, 2017

In what proved to be a busy week for our Midlands drainage team, we received a phone call about a treatment plant in Northamptonshire. The tank in question had been damaged after a lorry had left the road and had crashed into the treatment plant which served 4 properties.  As this was an emergency we sent our drainage experts straight to the site to assess the damage to the tank.

When we arrived on site we met the customer and he showed us the tank which had imploded when the lorry had left the road. The lid of the treatment plant had fallen inside the tank, our assessment of the tank was it was beyond repair due to the extensive damage caused by the wandering lorry. The customer wanted us to provide a quote for replacing the tank. At Below Ground Solutions we pride ourselves on offering honest and impartial advice on all drainage and water situations.

We advised the customer that they would be better chasing the repair through their insurance company as it was accidental damage which was a third party’s fault. We spoke to the customer’s insurance company on their behalf providing a full report on the tank situation. The customer’s insurance company carried out their own investigations and they came to the same conclusion. The insurance company is pushing ahead with replacing the treatment plant based on the information that we provided.

The customer praised us for our honesty about the situation instead of trying to pursue the replacement ourselves. Before we left the site on the day, we provided barriers to block off the collapsed tank so the site was left safe.

Photos of our investigations: 

The treatment plant lid had fallen inside the tank (1) Major damage was caused to the tank (1)

Date of works: 02/02/2017

St Address: Upper Laxton, Corby, Northampton, NN17

Engineers who carried out works: Lee Woods and Jason Dibble