New Sewer Connection FAQ

We at Below Ground Solutions have spent many years working in the water and drainage industry, and have built up a wealth of knowledge which we are eager to share with you. Here we have tried to answer some of the most common questions there are about new sewer connections.

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What is a section 106 application?

A section 106 application is where you apply for permission from the local water authority to be connected to the public sewer owned and maintained by the local water authority.  You need to be granted permission to discharge waste into the public sewer before you can connect. This application is made directly to your local water authority; generally section 106 application forms can be found on your local water authority’s website. 

Within the application you will need to specify the reason for your new sewer connection (commonly it is because the building is a new build or is upgrading from an off mains system) and the location that you plan to connect to the public sewer.

We have worked with water authorities across the UK which enables us to use our relationship with them to process your application in a timely manner. 

Excavating in the highway

What is a section 50 application?

A section 50 application is required if the location of the new sewer connection is in public land, such as a footpath or roadway.  The application is made to your local council and is to obtain a Street Works licence which allows you to carry out works on the public highway. Different local councils have varying application methods and time frames, which we can guide you on. Sometimes the process can seem daunting so allow us to take the issue away. 

What is a section 171 application?

A section 171 application is similar to a section 50 application, however a section 171 licence does not allow you to install all maintain apparatus already installed and is mainly used for investigatory purposes.   A more generic name for these applications is a road opening licence. You can obtain a section 171 application from your local council.

Who can submit these applications?

Section 50/171/106 applications can be submitted by anyone. Here at Below Ground Solutions however we have a dedicated new sewer connections team who are very experienced in carrying out these applications.  You will need to have a contractor in place as the council require supporting documentation from them.

Do you need permission before connecting to the public sewer?

Yes, before connecting your property to the public sewer you need to obtain consent in writing by completing and having a section 106 licence accepted. If the connection works need to take place in the public road or footways you will also need a street works licence from your local council.

How do I apply for a new sewer connection?

You will need to file a section 106 application with your local water authority, please see above FAQ on section 106 applications.

Will the local water authority want to inspect the work?

Yes, as we are connecting to their asset (the public sewer) your local water authority will send an inspector to sign off on the works and confirm the new connection has been installed correctly. This is arranged by us and is guaranteed as part of our quotation. 

How much does a new sewer connection cost?

There are multiple different factors that come together to give the costings for a new sewer connection, such as the position of the public sewer in the road, the depth of the public sewer and ground conditions of your site. Our quotations detail the cost breakdown so that this is all transparent.  Below Ground Solutions can carry out all the applications to the local water authority or council on your behalf.

Who deals with the local water authority?

Here at Below Ground Solutions we have a dedicated new sewer connection team who work closely with local water authorities across the UK. We can handle all communication with the local water authority providing the smoothest possible new sewer connection experience. 

How long will the forms take me to fill in?

This is hard to say – most of these application forms can be completed over several days. However, our new connection team can assist and even file the applications on your behalf.

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