Drain Repair Services

If your property is connected to the public sewer, then you will have a series of drainage pipes and gullies which connect your property to the public sewer system. The public sewers are owned and maintained by your local water authority.

It is important that these drains remain in good serviceable condition to allow the waste to flow from your property into the public sewer, our drain repair services are able to keep things running smoothly.  There are two main pieces of an on-mains drainage system – gullies and drainage pipes. A gully will transport grey water (grey water is waste and foul water from kitchens and bathrooms that is not flushed down the toilet) from the property to the public drain. If a drain develops a leak it is important to get it repaired as quickly as possible to prevent waste escaping and causing damage to your property. If the leak is on a single section of the drain, the small section can be replaced, this is commonly called an isolated repair.

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We can carry out a range of drain repair services that can be conducted to fix the damaged drains, these range from isolated repairs to drain lining this is often called CIPP (Cure in Place Pipe). This is basically reforming the drainage pipe within the damaged pipe that already exists, this restores the drainage capabilities of the original pipe. The pipe lining is shot into the drain and inflated, the outside of this liner is covered in a bonding agent which will stick to the inside of the pipe. Once this is in place the relined pipe is heated until the liner has “cured” onto the pipe, sealing the pipe.

Lined Sewer

Most drainage pipes are made of PVC especially those inside your property boundary. Older pipes are sometimes made from clay, these clay pipes have joins into which root infestation can occur as they grow towards moisture. These roots often will cause damage to the clay pipe, before repairing the drainage pipe the roots will need to be removed. This is done through high pressure water jetting or mechanical cutting.  Once clear the pipe can be repaired to prevent re-growth. 

Drainage connection

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At Below Ground Soultions, we have been working in the drainage and water industry for many years and are proud of the works that we have carried out, for this reason you can look at some the recent drainage works that we have carried out: