Emergency repair carried out on water supply to block of flats just after Christmas | Recent Jobs

POSTED: March 13, 2017

Soon after Christmas in 2016 we received an urgent message via our website. The water main to a block of 8 flats had developed a leak leaving all the flats with poor water pressure. Obviously, all the residents affected wanted the supply to be fixed as soon as possible.

Our Lead engineer on this project contacted the customer to obtain as much information over the phone as we could. We then set off to site ready to carry out an emergency repair at the flats. When we arrived on site it was midday and we only had several hours of daylight left to carry out the repair.

The team of water engineers carried out site investigations immediately using both audio and visual investigation methods, we quickly found the location of the leak on the front lawn of the flats. We gained permission from the owner of the land to carry out an excavation. We excavated down and found the iron pipe that served the flats, we extended our excavation slightly until we found the leak. We were then able to undertake a point repair on the leaking section.

Once the repair was complete we tested the system to confirm that the leak had been repaired. We then backfilled our excavation and reinstated the lawn. As with every job we carry out we aim to leave the site in the same condition that we found it. We then left the customer with a satisfaction form and guarantee of the repair that we had carried out before leaving site.

the repair was testeed to confirm the leak was fixed The flats we restored water to Its like we were never here

Date of works: 29/12/2017

St Address: New Milton, Hampshire, BH2

Works: Point repair in New Milton, Hampshire.

Engineers who carried out works: Lewis Harding and Lee woods