Water Main Repair Services

If you have any concerns about your water main and require our water main services repair services, then please contact our team today on 0870 863 0123.

The water main for your property provides fresh, clean water to your home. Inside your house, you will have an internal stop tap (commonly found in the kitchen), and the water main will run to from the external stop tap (commonly found in the pathway/road outside your property).

However, sometimes a property might share an external stop tap with several surrounding properties, in this instance turning off the external stop tap will cut the supply to all connected properties. You are responsible for the pipework that connects your property to the external stop tap, it is important to make sure that the water main that connects your property remains in good working order. Therefore, you are responsible for making sure that any water main repairs are carried out.  

The main problem that can arise with water mains is a leak developing, this can lead to high water bills and a loss of water pressure at the property. If you have a leaking water main at your property, there are several repair methods that we at Below Ground Solutions recommend:

At Below Ground Solutions we have spent countless hours carrying out water main services such as repairing, maintaining and installing water mains throughout England and Wales. We have become experts at repairing water leaks quickly and dealing with the unexpected and unwanted. All of our water engineering teams carry the latest technologies in audio leak detection ensuring when we arrive on site we can narrow down the source of the leak quickly and return the property’s water supply as efficiently as possible.

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