Water mains leak in Braunton, found and fixed in 2 hours

POSTED: March 06, 2018

Below Ground Solutions to the rescue in Devon

Date: 03/01/2018

Site Address: Braunton, Devon, EX33

Works: Water Main investigations and repair

Report: We arrived on site after getting a call from a local plumber after he had attended site and confirmed the leak was on the water and beyond his capabilities. After getting the call we arrived on site the very next day less than 24 hours later, our team quickly carried out visual and audio investigations on site. After talking to the customer we learnt they had only recently brought the property so couldn’t aid us in finding the location of the water main. Our visual investigations proved fruitful as we quickly found the water meter in the footpath, tracing a line from this towards the property. There was an area of scaring on the customer drive leading us to believe an excavation had taken place here at some point in the past. Relaying our belief to the customer that the leak was in this location we carried out an excavation. Within this excavation under concrete we found the leak on a black alkathene water pipe. We carried out a point repair and tested the system to confirm there were no further leaks at the property. We then back filled and reinstated our excavation leaving the site as we had found it minus the leak. 

You can find out move about this type of repair on our water mains page. 

 Scared concrete drivewayYou can see the scar that led us to believe the leak was in this location.

Leaking Water MainHere you can see the black alkathene pipe leaking into the excavation.

Reinstated concrete drivewayNice and tidy all reinstated.