Impact Moling

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Below Ground Solutions have been using trenchless technology such as impact moling to carry out water main replacements and re-routes for many years. The process will require two separate pits – a launch pit and a reception pit – once the mole has passed between the 2 pits the new water main is then pulled through and left ready to connect to.


A mole can only be fired in a straight line so a job might require more than 1 pair of launch and reception pits. Moling is a good way of quickly replacing large amounts of pipework. With a limited amount of excavations, and therefore reinstatements, moling will cause far less surface disruption than other water main replacement methods such as trenching. Moling can be used to cover large areas for replacing pipework or for smaller distances such as water main repairs.


Why would I want moling?

Moling is used as a quicker, less disruptive, and more efficient method of renewing a water main. A mole might be used where it is not possible to carry out trenching due to various surface imperfections. A mole will cause less surface disruption than trenching and other methods, it is also more environmentally friendly than open excavations. 

What is moling? 

Moling is the process of firing pipework from the launch pit to the reception pit. A mole can only be fired in a straight line so you might need more than one launch and reception pits. By using a mole to shoot the new pipework under the ground the amount of surface disruption is minimised.  

What are the benefits of moling?

Replacing a water main through moling, as opposed to trenching, offers several major benefits. Moling will cause less disruption as you only need to make two excavations (a launch and a reception pit) instead of carrying out expensive untidy trenching, which may be several metres long. Moling will mean fewer excavations that will need reinstating, meaning the work can be carried out more competitively.

How much does moling cost?

When it comes to pricing up a mole there are several contributing factors that will make up the final cost of moling. Moling itself is priced per metre so any costing would be based on the length of the pipework. A mole can only be fired in a straight line so in order to go around a property/corner, additional pits (on top of the launch and reception pits) may be required.

For more information about moling give our specialist water engineers a call today on 0870 863 0123.

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