CCTV Surveys For Drainage Systems

Below Ground Solutions have been working in the drainage and water industry for many years and in that time we have learned that CCTV surveys play a big part in all drainage investigations. We carry out surveys of drainage systems using our CCTV cameras that are able to offer a unique view of the pipe allowing you to see the condition of the pipework and highlighting any defects it has.

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CCTV Surveys For Drainage Systems


A CCTV drainage system survey camera is a small device no bigger than a tightly clenched fist or a computer mouse. It has small rigid wheels on the side allowing it to navigate uneven surfaces. The camera is controlled by a remote much like a remote controlled car, the images it records are then sent back to the control screen allowing the engineer to view and record the footage. We can then download this footage so it is viewable on computers, tablets and smartphones.



As highly skilled drainage engineers we will use a CCTV drainage survey to allow us to gain an image of the drainage pipework, alerting us to any defaults in the pipework.  By carrying out pre-survey cleaning we are able to get a clear video of the pipework. From here we will be able to build a report detailing the condition of the pipework and any repair recommendations that are needed. This report along with all the footage recorded will be provided in a downloadable digital format (a paper copy is also available).


At Below Ground Solutions we are dedicated to offering the highest quality drainage services and that is why all of our engineers are confined space trained, allowing us to deal with any circumstance. We use the industry standard Win Can reporting which can be submitted to building control and local council if needed. To see some examples of recent projects we have carried out please look below. 

If you have any other questions, then please give our team a ring today on 0870 863 0123.

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