Thames Water Sewer Connection In Shooters Hill

POSTED: September 24, 2021

We have recently completed a new sewer connection for developers in London in Shooters Hill for their new build project and it really highlights what we are about and the professionalism of the company. 

The process of connecting to a sewer can be quite a stress full task for developers and homeowners but BGS offer the complete package which includes gaining consent (section 106) in line with sewers for adoption so you know the water companies standards are being met and satisfied. In many cases the sewer is located in the highway so it involves gaining a section 50 lisence for our street works qualified teams along with Traffic management applications and an extensive health and safety programme to ensure contractors and pedestrians are always kept safe and the road is preserved to the quality they expect. 

With both these aspects in place we are ready to go, this particular project involved construction of a 3.3m deep manhole over the main sewer in the highway and then bringing the pipe work back into the boundary for the ground workers to continue installing. We had to make our own trench boxes due to restrictions within the excavation and other services but this was done with car and caution, the project was passed by Thames Water and completed on time and on budget, the developer has since asked us to join him on his next development as he was so happy with the equality of works and the process in general. See the original London cobbles relaid in perfect condition also.

See some of the installation pics below.