New Sewer Connection Process

Here at Below Ground Solutions we have been working in the drainage industry for many years. We think of ourselves as the new sewer connection experts. It is important to understand the new sewer connection process before you think about having a new connection. We have outlined the new sewer connection process from idea to installation below.

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Step 1:

Before we can start the application it is important for us to understand the reason why you require a new connection. Commonly a new sewer connection is needed because the property is a new build or currently has an off mains drainage system that you would like to be replaced. Our new sewer connection team is here to guide you every step along the process.

Step 2:

A member of our new sewer connection team will carry out a site visit to talk through the required works and to answer any questions you might have about your new sewer connection.

Step 3:

At this point we will be able to supply a quote for the works. With your help we will be able to build a schedule for the new connection, working within your timescales to complete the project as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Step 4:

Our new sewer connection team will start the application to your local council (Section 50 and Section 171) in order to gain permission from them to carry out works. All of our new sewer connection team hold a Street Works licence so we are accredited to work within the public highway.


Step 5:

At this point it is important to gain permission from your local water authority, the section 106 application will be made to the local authority in order to gain consent to discharge waste into the public sewer.


Step 6:

We will liaise with any third parties involved including councils, water authorities and suppliers to confirm the timescale of works.

Step 7:

We will carry out the new sewer connection as per quotation and specification, we will work with the local water authority in order to get the new connection signed off by their local inspection team. Once the works are finished we will backfill any excavation that we made and reinstate the works site to leave it in the same condition that we found it. Once the works have been carried out and you are happy with the service that we have provided we will supply you with a guarantee of the works that we have done.

Every new connection will be different but this guide talks you through the steps that need to be under taken to complete the new connection. If you would like to talk to a member of our new sewer connection team then give us a call today on 0870 863 0123.