Sewage Treatment Plant Systems

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Off Mains Drainage Solutions

It is not always possible to connect your property directly to the public sewer system, in these situations your property will need to have an off-mains drainage system put in place. Our off-mains drainage solutions will comprise of multiple components that will store, treat, separate and discharge off the waste that is leaving your property. When it comes to processing the waste the two most common units used are Package treatment plants and septic tanks. If you want to learn more about septic tanks please look at the septic tank page here for more information.


A treatment plant is a packaged system that will take the waste from a household and treat the water by a range of methods. This makes the treated water safe to discharge into a nearby watercourse or ditch if you have one. However, if you do not have a nearby watercourse then the treated water can be discharged into a drainage field.


Treatment plants can sometimes be overlooked in favour of using a septic tank, however the legalities have changed regarding the disposal from septic tanks as in general they tend to be slightly more expensive to purchase. However, there can be little difference over a period of time due to the discharge options available to treatment plants, take advantage of our free consultation to find out what would benefit your situation and we can advise on the positives and negatives of all the options. 

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