Treatment Plant Maintenance

Here at Below Ground Solutions we are big believers in assessing all options before making an informed decision. With our years of experience in the drainage industry, especially working on off-mains drainage systems, we have frequently found use of a treatment plant to be more beneficial than other off-mains drainage systems. There are several reasons behind our thinking, and one of the major ones is treatment plant maintenance.

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Key facts about treatment plant maintenance:

  • A treatment plant has a reduced maintenance schedule over a septic tank.
  • Manufacturers offer different guidelines to how often treatment plant maintenance should be carried out.
  • Each system will have different guidelines.
  • Regular treatment plant maintenance will help the plant operate at maximum efficiency.
  • A looked after treatment plant should be able to run for a lifetime.
  • Over its life, a treatment plant will require less maintenance than a septic tank, therefore reducing running costs.

Unfortunately, like all apparatus used in off mains drainage system a treatment plant will require some maintenance throughout its life. This varies from system to system – some manufacturers recommend maintenance should be carried out more often than others. Unlike a septic tank which requires emptying regularly (every 6-18 months dependent on system) a treatment plant requires less regular maintenance generally which ultimately reduces the running costs of a treatment plant compared to a septic tank over time.

If you are finding all this talk about treatment plants a little confusing, then don’t worry you are not alone. We have compiled some of the most common questions we get asked about treatment plants.  You can have a look at them on our treatment plant frequently asked questions page.


If you have any other questions, then please give our team a ring today on 0870 863 0123.

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