New Septic tank repair after ground movement in Churt, Surrey | Septic Tank Experts

POSTED: January 30, 2017

We were called to site via our website after the customer had noticed that the septic tank at the rear of her garden had stopped filling up. She had noticed that the ground near to the tank had become saturated. She believed that ground movement may have caused damage to the tank which was causing the issues.

Our drainage engineers arrived on site equipped with all the latest equipment to investigate the problem that was going on. We carried out a CCTV survey on the pipework which lead from her property downstream towards the septic tank. We found the pipe to be in good condition, however as we got nearer to the septic tank we noticed the pipe had started to drop. After carrying out further investigations we found that the pipe leading up to the tank had dropped by about a foot thus not allowing waste to flow into the septic tank.

We spoke to the customer and recommended an excavation down onto the pipe to then reconnect it to the septic tank, which itself was still in good condition. The customer accepted our proposal and subsequent quote, so we could carry out the works on the same day. We excavated down under the grass until we found the plastic drainage pipe. We removed this pipe and part backfilled our excavation with soil and sand to firm up the ground. We could then reinstall the drainage pipe connecting it back to the septic tank.

Once the works were complete we tested the system to confirm everything was working correctly we then back filled and reinstated our excavation. We left site after giving our customer a copy of the guarantee of the works that had been carried out.

We explaied the problem to the customer making sure they understood the repair (2) The septic tank was in good condition (2)

Date of works: 26/01/2017

St Address: Churt, Surrey, GU10

Works: Septic Tank installation

Engineers who carried out works: Luke Steele, Zac bravely and Ross Edwards