Non-Main Drainage

Every property needs to have a drainage system installed. It may be as straight forward as a connection required to the public sewer. However, sometimes a connection to the public sewer is not possible so the installation of an off-mains drainage system is needed. An off-mains drainage system can comprise of one or multiple different tanks which will provide a complete drainage service to the property.

Drainage systems can come in all different kinds of variations. To discuss drainage problems and solutions or drainage system installation, please call the team today 0870 863 0123.

Typical examples of these variations can be seen below:

  • Soakaway – A soakaway is used to discharge waste water into the ground.

  • Septic Tank – A septic tank will separate waste solids from liquids before discharging the waste water.

  • Treatment Plant – A treatment plant is used to treat waste water before the water can be discharged into a drainage field/watercourse.

  • Percolation Test – A percolation test will assess different ground conditions, to calculate the size and location for a drainage field to be installed.

  • Pumping Station – A pumping station is used to lift the waste waste to a higher level if it can not be achieved through gravity alone to its destination. 

  • Cesspool – A cesspool is a sealed tank used for storing waste on a mass scale which will need to be emptied on a regular basis.


Regardless of what drainage system you may have it is important that you have regular maintenance carried out on them, to ensure they remain fully functional for as long as possible. There are many different versions of an off-mains drainage system. If you would like to know, take a look or call our drainage consultants today.

Here at Below Ground Solutions we are dedicated to offering a quality service at a competitive price. We offer advice on drainage problems and solutions as well as drainage system installation specific to you. If you would like to talk to a member of our team about your off mains drainage system needs then give us a call on 0870 863 0123. Or you can always visit our jobs page.

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