Domestic Sewage Pumping Station Installation

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Sometimes it is not possible to connect to a drainage system by a gravity fed system due to gradients in the ground not allowing enough natural fall between points to achieve this. When a sewer/drainage system is shallower than the depth of your own system it would have to be pumped to collect, lift and release the waste, this is when a domestic sewage pumping station would be beneficial. We specialise in the installation of domestic sewage pumping stations which can be beneficial if standard drains are not an option.

There are many types of pump stations/pump systems on the market and many are site specific, based on what types of waste it needs to pump, the distance and what levels need to be achieved. It is important to understand the needs of the site before trying to decide which pump would be the most suitable.



A consultation will need to be held to discuss the requirements of your site so we can assist in designing the right system to suit. We design our systems based on current regulations, experience and practical thinking. We always offer both independent unbiased recommendations to ensure our customers get the best possible solution to their needs.

Pump Set Up Internal

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Here at Below Ground Solutions we have been working in the drainage industry for many years and are experts at the installation, maintenance and repairs of all types of domestic sewage pumping stations. We offer free quotes and advice for any drainage issue that you might have including pumping stations, treatment plants, septic tank and all off-mains drainage systems. We have teams of highly skilled engineers based across the country so we can be with you quickly.

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