New treatment plant installed in Falmouth, Cornwall | Treatment Plant Experts

POSTED: February 21, 2017

Early in 2017 our dedicated drainage team received a call from a customer based in Falmouth, who wanted us to come to site and inspect his septic tank as it was showing signs of failure. We attended site the following week and carried out a in-depth inspection of the off mains drainage system, noting that due to poor maintenance by the customer his septic tank had fallen into disrepair.

We filed our report with the customer, giving him as much information as possible and advising him on what further works we recommend he have carried out on his off mains drainage system. After the customer had gone through his options he contacted us and asked for a quote on having a new septic tank installed. We advised that given the site specifics a treatment plant would be a better course of action for the new installation. We gave the customer a quote for both a new septic tank installation and new treatment plant, from these quotes and further information given to the customer he opted to have a new treatment plant installed.

We ordered the tank to arrive on site, and arranged with the customer on the date to carry out the works. We arrived on site on the Monday morning and carried out the installation of the treatment plant, all the works went as planned and all the works were complete within the week. Once we confirmed the tank had been installed correctly we backfilled and reinstated the excavations. We left the customer with a guarantee of our works, and the manufacture’s recommended maintenance schedule.

Photos of our works: 

We incased the tank in concrete (1) we backfilled and reinstated the surface (1) treatment plant installed (4)

Date of works: 13-17/02/2017

St Address: Falmouth, TR10 

Engineers who carried out works: Dan Hudson, Lee woods and Chris Jeans