New Septic tank installed in Cheddon, Taunton, Somerset | Septic Tank Experts

POSTED: November 20, 2016

This tank installation had been planned for over a year before we started the works. Our customer was very experienced in living with an off mains drainage system so wanted to have a long-term plan in place when it came to upgrading his brick built septic tank system.

He had contacted us over the telephone after receiving our number from a close friend of his. We attended site and talked the customer through the various new tank systems that he could have installed at his property. After months of planning and advising the client we came up with the plan, for works to be carried out in 6 months’ time.

Over the next 6 months we kept in contact with the customer keeping him up to date with all the latest information about the proposed works. Once the tank was ordered we finalised a date for our local drainage team to go to site and carryout the agreed works. We arrived on site first thing Monday 7th November 2016, the new tank arrived on schedule once we had excavated ready for its installation.

All the installation works went as planned. The new tank and system were installed over 3 days. Once the new system was in place a delivery of top soil arrived allowing us to backfill around the tank. We then reinstated the surface leaving the site as we had found it. We left site on Friday 11th November having completed all the agreed works. We left the customer with a guarantee of our works alongside the manufacture suggested maintenance schedule.

Tank installed in place (1) new tank (1) Top soil reinstated (1)

Date of works: 7-11/11/2016

St Address: Cheddon, Taunton, Somerset, TA2

Works: Septic Tank installation

Engineers who carried out works: Dan Hudson, Lewis Harding, Chris Jeans