New Septic tank installation and soakaway in Cambridgeshire | Septic Tank Experts

POSTED: October 15, 2016

We were contacted via the Below Ground Solutions website as our customer was planning on building a new house in the Cambridgeshire countryside and wanted our expert opinion on the drainage system that would best serve his property.

We arrange a site visit with the customer, arriving bright and early and meeting the customer on site. He showed us the plans for the new build and where on the site the property was going to be built. Once back in the office we started to formulate the plan. As there was no public sewer near to the area the customer would have to have an off mains drainage system. Given all the information we had about the site, the best option was for the customer to have a septic tank installation and soakaway.

Next, we arranged with the customer for our drainage engineers to carry out a percolation test so that we could design a system best suited to the environment. Once we had these results we returned to the customer with a quote for installing the new septic tank and soakaway. The customer accepted, the quote and we began to plan the works alongside the building contractors also working on the project.

Once we had a date for the start of the works we could order our materials to be delivered to site. Due to the large nature of the works, and the limited time scales we had to carry out the installation, we sent 2 drainage teams to site to partake in the installation of the drainage system.

The works were undertaken over the course of four days in October 2016. Once the works were complete we tested the system and confirmed that the new system was operating as planned. Once we had finished backfilling and reinstated our excavations, we left the customer happy and with a guarantee of the recent installation we had carried out.

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Date of works: 11-14/10/2016

St Address: St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27

Works: Septic Tank and polybed soakaway installation

Engineers who carried out works: Lee Woods, Gavin Straw, Marcus Humpries and Ross Edwards