Water Hardness

POSTED: January 05, 2017

Across England and Wales the hardness of the water changes dramatically as you travel around. Various levels of hardness or softness affects how appliances in your property will react to the water that they are supplied with. It is important to know what the water hardness is where you live so you know how best to help the longevity of your appliances.

The Map here shows England and Wales and how the hardness of water changes across the regions. As you can as you can see most of the South East and East of England have hard water. However, the South West, West Wales and the North West all have soft water in the area. The North East, Midlands, East Wales and London area all have slightly hard water.

It is vital to know what the level of hardness of water is like in your area. Once you know the hardness of water in your area you can plan how best to use water with this information.

Soft water Map

Hard Water 

Hard water is water which contains dissolved magnesium and other minerals. These being dissolved into the water form hard water. Hard water is more difficult to form a lather with soap.

Soft Water

Soft water unlike hard contains fewer magnesium and minerals. Soft water is most commonly formed when river basins are formed of hard and calcium poor rocks, this in turn causes the water to be counted as soft. If you are in a hard water area, you can get a build-up of lime scale on important components of your washing machine, it is important to buy washing machine powder that will help breakup this lime scale and prolong the life of your washing machine.

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