Below Ground Solutions have a great working relationship with many of the London councils. We recognise the needs for our London based clients and go above and beyond to ensure we continue to provide great working results.


We still operate in the region as well as reaching out to the other regions by gaining a good growth from our base. We have good connections to the councils around the area and have built an effective rapport with the councils and Street Works departments. This has been invaluable when applying for Street Works licences in the London boroughs.

Our London office team is on the end of the phone now 0870 863 0123

Meet the team:

Name: Marcus Humphries 

Position: Area Manager

Experience: 19 years in the industry.

About Marcus: Marcus has recently become a more senior figure within the company. Using his wealth of experience to good use Marcus is often the first point of call for any drainage job within the area. Marucs has spent many years across the drainage sector with a vast knowledge of both residential and commercial drainage claims.  

Name: Gavin Straw

Position: Team Leader

Experience: 8 Years in the industry

About Gavin: Gavin has been working alongside Below Grounds Director for nearly 15 years. Gavin has many years of experience that he can bring to each and every situation, along with his quick thinking and problem solving. Gavin is a key member of our street works teams, and is often involved in large scale street-works jobs. 

Name: Ross Edwards

Position: Engineer

Experience: 6 Years in the industry

About Ross: Ross is a reliable hardworking engineer. He has learnt valuable skills and worked hard to gain sound knowledge of the industry. Below Ground Solutions invest in our employees and understand that they are the key in helping us to maintain our good reputation. With Luke’s direction and input Ross has learnt the trade and skills at a fast pace.

As you can see the London team are a team to be proud of, between them we offer you not only getting the job done, but also a great service before, during and after the work. If you would like to talk to us about our services in the London region, please call the office today 0870 863 0123.