New Foul Sewer Connection in Essex

POSTED: March 13, 2019

Date: 06/03/2019-08/03/2019

Site Address: Bishops Stortford, CM22

Works: Foul Water Sewer Connection


This project came to us via our website after our customer was having troubles with his existing septic tank. On our first visit to site we were tasked with inspecting the current drainage system at the property, and after a confirmed space team entered the customer’s septic tank. We concluded that the tank was such a poor condition that the best course of action going forwards was to replace the brick built septic tank.

After looking at the various options that were available to our client including replacing the septic tank, install a sewage treatment plant or connect the customers property to the public sewer in the highway. Having given the customer prices and break downs for the various options, they elected to proceed with connecting the property to the public sewer.

Our new sewer connection team immediately carried out a site visit so that we could obtain the information needed to make the various application to Essex Country Council (section 50 application) and Thames Water. Leanne swiftly made these applications supplying the council with our plans and site restriction. Once we had gained permission from both entities we proceeded with our works.

Our team arrived on site prepared due to our office’s efficient nature with all the equipment and chapter 8 that was needed to complete the job. After moving and working quickly we were able to connect to the public sewer with 2 days, the local water authority (Thames Water) carried out and inspection and passed our new connection. We backfilled our excavation in the footpath and reinstated with hot lay tarmac. Once all works were complete, we left site with the customer please with our works.

Once the works were finished, we asked our customer for some comments about the recent works that were carried out.

“I’m really impressed with how things were done, from Leanne taking the stress of the paperwork off my shoulders and the guys who were on site we couldn’t be more pleased with how it went.”

Some Photos of our work:

We back filled our connection to the public sewer in shingle to ensure it is installed to Thames Water standards.  

We carried out our reinstatement of the footpath using hot lay tarmac.