New Sewer Connection carried out in Canterbury | New Sewer Connection Experts

POSTED: October 18, 2016

The customer contacted us through our website after being impressed with all the new sewer connection information and reading materials that we have on our website. Once they had contacted our new sewer connection team we could carry out a site visit and from there our lead engineer provided the customer with a quote for the works which they readily accepted.  

Once the quote had been accepted we immediately began the process of applying to the local council for permission to carry out the works. The forms were a section 50 application, we filled in these out on behalf of the customer. The application was made by our street works coordinator who manually filed the application alongside the relevant supporting documentation, in this instance we also provided:

  • Plans for the site
  • The consent to discharge from the local water authority. (section 106 application) 
  • Insurance Certificates
  • Streetworks Accreditation
  • Drainage Plans 
  • Utility mapping

Once the application was submitted by our street works coordinator we had to wait 3 weeks before we were given permission by the local council to carry out the works. From here we arranged with the local water authority, council and customer so that we could start the new connection works.

We arrived on site with our new sewer connection team to undertake the works. Due to our dedication to planning, we could install the new sewer connection swiftly in the allotted time scales given to us by the local council. Once the works were complete we back filled and reinstated our excavation, we then filled the relevant paperwork with the council before leaving site, with all of the works complete.

Photos of our works:

Excavating in the road (1) Working on a safe site (1)

Date of works: 07-11/11/2016

St Address: Sturry Road, Canterbury CT1

Works: New build connected to the public sewer in Canterbury

Engineers who carried out works: Dan Hudson, Paul Dean, Lewis Harding and Marcus Humpries