New Sewer Connection in Somerset

POSTED: January 06, 2021

We were recently appointed to complete a new sewer connection in Taunton Somerset, Our client recently purchased a listed property that currently discharged its waste into an off main sewerage system and in line with house selling rules of 2020 the system needed to be addressed to bring it in line with current regulations. An application to Wessex Water was made and designs drawn up and sent for approval to Somerset council. For this project we needed to be Street Works Accredited and Wessex approved which we are so it made the process run smoothly. The works went ahead as planned, connection to the sewer was made and the old system decommissioned. Customer was impressed with the speed and how smoothly it all went and left a glowing review. For more information about a new Sewer Connection and the process please call our Connections team on 0870 8630123