Point Repair on Black Alkathene pipe in Helston, Cornwall | New Sewer Connection Experts

POSTED: June 07, 2016

We arrived on site and met with our client who had got in contact with us via our website. She had water pooling at the rear of her property the previous day and had contacted South West Water. 

South West Water had visited the site the same day and confirmed that there was a leak on her supply. When we got to site the excavation that South West Water had dug was still open so we gained permission from them to make their excavation wider to help us find the leak. We found the leak on black alkathene pipe, the client wanted us to carry out a point repair on the leaking section. We replaced about a meter of the leaking black alkathene pipe with a section of blue poly pipe.

We tested the system to confirm that there was no longer a leak on the client’s pipework. Before we left the site, we re-filed the excavation that was made by South West Water and ourselves and reinstated the surface area.


Below Ground Solutions repair leaking pipe in Helston, Cornwall

Date we attended site: 06/05/2016

Site address: Main Road, Ashton, Helston, Cornwall, TR13

Engineers: Lewis Harding and Steve Jefcoate

the reinstated public road Measuring up for the moling pit The new pipe section under the road