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POSTED: January 13, 2017

We had a customer call our drainage help line early in January 2017 as they were having trouble with their septic tank. They were looking at getting a new tank, but were also interested in upgrading to a treatment plant system. We arranged for our lead engineer to head to site and assess the options that they had moving forwards.

We attended site and met with the customer, after surveying their land, we observed that there was a stream on site which would lend the site to having a treatment plant system. We talked the customer through her options giving our years of experience to offer the best advice that we could.

The customer chose to have a new treatment plant installed with the treated water being discharged into the stream. Once back into office we formulated the works plan and confirmed this with our customer. We ordered the tank and arranged it to be delivered to site the following week.

Our team arrived and carried out the preparation work, so that when the tank arrived on site we could install it quickly and connect it up to the supply pipes. Once we were happy with the installation we tested the system and confirmed that the tank was working as it should. After we talked the customer through their new system explaining how it operated and giving our expert opinion on maintenance.

Once works were complete we backfilled our excavations and reinstated the surface of our excavations. We left our customer with a guarantee of the works that we had carried out before leaving site.

Photos of our works:

Treatment Plant Installed (3) The New Treatment Plant Being Delivered (1) Finished Reinstatment After Tank Installation (1)

Date of works: 10-13/01/2017

St Address: Newton Abbot, TQ12

Engineers who carried out works: Dan Hudson, Chris Jeans and Jason Dibble