Public Sewers

If you have an on-mains drainage system, then your property will be connected to the public sewer which often is found in the road in front of your house (just like in the below diagram). The LWA (local water authority) are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the public sewer. As you can see below the drainage pipe that is inside your boundary is the responsibility of the property owner, however the drainage pipe outside your boundary is the public sewer and operated by the LWA


  • You are responsible for the pipework inside your boundary, if a drainage defect develops here it is your responsibility to get it fixed.

  • The LWA handle the upkeep outside your property’s boundary, any leaks here are repaired by them.

  • It is not always possible to connect to the public sewer, as there is not always one nearby.

  • To connect to the public sewer, you need to gain permission from your local water authority (typically known as a section 106 application – Consent to discharge into the public sewer).

Below Ground Solutions have been working in close relationships with water authorities across the UK and Wales carrying out drainage repairs, investigations and maintenance both alongside and on behalf of them. With our dedicated drainage teams being accredited to work within the highways, Below Ground Solutions have been carrying out works on the public sewer system with the blessing of local water authorities and councils for many years and we now have a dedicated new sewer connection team.

If you would like to look at some of the recent drainage works that we have carried out on the public sewer, including drain lining and new sewer connections then you can look at our recent jobs page.