Septic Tank Maintenance

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Commonly properties in the United Kingdom will have their drainage system connecting to the public sewer system, this is called an “on mains” drainage system. When a connection to the public sewer is not possible a property will be forced to have an off mains drainage system.

Septic tanks are widely used in off mains drainage systems as they have the ability to separate waste matter so the liquids can be discharged into a drainage field/soakaway.  As a septic tank will be a vital part of your off mains drainage system it is important that regular maintenance is carried out.

Different manufacturers will have slightly different time scales for maintenance work to be carried out. But in general it is important to get your septic tank emptied every year, this will bring the level of suspended solids down and allow the separation to keep working at its maximum capacity. A good service plan for your septic tank will help prolong its life and save you money in the long run. 


Once a septic tank has separated the waste and allowed the separated water to run into the discharge point the remaining solids will be stored in the settlement chamber of the tank. This chamber needs to be emptied periodically depending on the size of your tank (roughly once a year), this requires a suction tanker/cleansing company to attend and vacuum the tank.


Regular septic tank maintenance will help prolong the life of your off mains drainage system keeping it working at maximum capacity for as long as possible. Below Ground Solutions have been installing, repairing and maintaining septic tanks for many years, you can see examples of some of our recent jobs below.